Is Chiropractic Care for Infants Smart?

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A recent study reported that, of 2001 moms who had infants receiving chiropractic spinal care, there were statistically significant improvements in all aspects of the infant behaviours studied.  Some of the results included:

  • Improvement in feeding problems

  • Improvement with sleep issues

  • Less excessive crying

  • Fewer problems with sleeping on their back

  • Less infant pain (like colic)

  • Improved neck range of motion (ie. reduced torticollis)

  • And better time in the tummy position

These are awesome, positive changes!  What’s even more cool is that MOTHERS THEMSELVES also reported that they experienced improvement in:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • And a increased sense of joy in motherhood

The results of this study are observational in nature, which of course has its limitations.  The reason I write about it here is that it mirrors exactly what I see day in, day out in clinic.  

One of my patients who brought her 7-week-old colicky infant to see me wrote “[she] is a totally different baby after getting adjusted.  I can actually connect with her and enjoy being a mom for the first time”.

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