It's September...Time to Get Your Act Together

The headline for today's message might come off a bit strong but honestly, it's probably not strong enough. 

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If you have been hoping, dreaming and wishing to accomplish health goals that include getting fit, losing weight, increasing strength, feeling better, looking better, living longer and enjoying the heck out of your life...this blog post is for you. 


I spend my weeks working to help people reach the goals they've told themselves they want (in most cases badly) and I absolutely love it! 

Yet still, more than 18 years later, nothing drives me crazier than patients "wanting" an outcome but not putting in the time, energy and effort. 

I get it...Life Happens. I'm a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur and a woman of the new millenium.  It's hard to keep from being completely and utterly overwhelmed by the pace we all keep these days.

News flash...that's NEVER going to change. 

Even more, your health doesn't care! We may take time off, but our body doesn't. This means the stress, the poor food choices and the lack of training accumulates in a bad way whether we like it not.

So, if you want results, you're simply going to need to make a decision that THIS IS IT! You've had enough. The buck stops here! 

You already know WHAT to do...that's easy. Eat right, move more, think better thoughts and get adjusted.  Those are the principles that Elevate Women's Health Centre are founded on.

Here are 4 less talked about ways to get back on track if you've fallen off the health and fitness wagon (like I have this summer ;). 

1. Revisit Your Values. 

Ask yourself..."Why is health important to me?" If it is important and you know why, move to step #2.

If you don't know why, I'd encourage you to take a few minutes at a coffee shop or library and think about what your life would be like if you DIDN'T have health. 

Journal it out...what would be chronic pain feel like?  What would it be like to be unable to move where you want when you want?  What are your interactions like with your loved ones when you're sick or in pain? Are you more patient? Less patient? More or less loving? More or less happy? You get what I mean. 

Really paint a picture on paper of what your day is like from waking to sleeping (if you're lucky).  Then you'll get an idea of why you value health.

2. Create a Clear Vision.

What do you want your health and fitness to be like 5, 10, 20 years from now? The more crystal clear you are with this, the more likelihood you'll take every step necessary to see it through. 

3. Build a Schedule. 

Now that you know health and its results are important AND you can imagine just how amazing those results will your ideal schedule. 

When will I train?

How do I like to train?

When do I get groceries? 

When do I get my neurostructural (chiropractic) check up?

When do I take personal time?

4. Be Accountable. 

This final step is one that many people struggle with and the reason they do, is because they fail to complete the first 3 steps. 

One of the reasons programs with built in community support work so well is the accountability aspect - we like to keep our word with people who matter to us.

Trying to force yourself to train or eat well when life gets in the way won't happen by "thinking you should really do it".  Having a trusted friend or colleague check in with you and encourage you to stay on track is SO important!

The habits only happen as a by product of a well thought out plan connected to YOUR vision and YOUR purpose. 

Without those pieces you'll consistently struggle to do they right stuff and get results...whereas with those pieces in place, you'll be blown away by just how easy it can all be. 

~ Dr. Shawna

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