Why Resilience is More Important Than Resolutions

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As we head into a new year, the word “resolutions” is one of the most popular keywords in Google searches.

With the turning of the calendar, people are inclined to think about resolutions (ie. new decisions and actions) that will help them declutter their home, lose weight, get out of a bad relationship, find a new soulmate, get organized, join a gym… you know the list.  In fact, you’ve probably resolved to do a few of these things yourself.

As I headed into 2019, I resolved to focus on something entirely different this year:  resilience.

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.  It’s the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape.

As I see it, resilience is the ability to bounce back and hit the ground running.  It is the ability to adapt to everything that life will inevitably throw at us; the good, the bad, the ugly.

In my 47 years on this planet so far, I have seen that the key to success and happiness in life is the ability to adapt.  I want my kids to study hard, be engaged in sports or activities they love and to be kind.  

But more than anything, I want them to learn to adapt to the world around them.

According to a recent article by the American Management Association, “more than experience or training, resilience in the face of stressful situations and rapid changes determines whether you ultimately succeed or fail…”

We live in a world that is changing faster than ever before in history.  Resilience is more challenging now than it likely EVER has been! 

But creating habits in your life that allow you to adapt as effectively and as quickly as possible will lead to a healthier, happier you in 2019 and beyond.

Here are my top tips for creating an adaptable YOU this year:

  1. Trust that it’s going to be ok.  I find myself telling my kids this more and more as they feel their lives becoming more unpredictable.  It’s a crazy world we live in. But I think the world has ALWAYS been crazy.  And yet we’ve made it this far.  Trust that as nutty as things seem, goodness and justice seem to prevail and they will in our age too.

  2. Lean in, don’t shrink back.  One of the best ways to feel in control is to get involved instead of letting others’ make all the decisions.

  3. Look back to learn and forward to hope.  Looking backwards isn’t a bad thing unless you let yourself get stuck in the past dwelling on the negative. Using the past to remember how far you’ve come and to learn from mistakes is fine. As long as you don’t forget to look FORWARD with hope and anticipation of good things to come.

  4. Mentally prepare for change and visualize good outcomes. Know that change is going to happen. SEE what you want it to look like in your life and focus on the positive side of change.

From a chiropractic perspective, your nervous system is the system that allows your body to adapt to its environment. The healthier your family’s nervous systems are, the more resilient you will be together.

Happy New Year!  And may 2019 be a year of strength and resilience for you and your loved ones.

~ Dr. Shawna Dingman

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HI! I'm Dr. Shawna Dingman and I operate Elevate Women's Health Centre in Port Perry. I am the co-owner of Elevate Health Centres with my husband, Dr. Craig Dingman. 

Speaking of family, I'm a mom of 3 amazing kids: Jackson, Jenna and Cole.  I've always been passionate about the care of women and children, probably because I began my career as a pediatric and pregnancy chiropractor as a young mom with an infant!  Aside from clinical practice, I also co-host a podcast for women chiropractors and coach women chiropractors who want to have practices that are a great fit for their families.  In my "spare" time, I love to cottage with my family, hang out with the kids, CrossFit at our local gym, read a book, catch a great show on Netflix, go for a run or have coffee with friends.