"Summerproof" Your Health

I don't know about you, but this time of year, I start looking forward to the long, hot days of summer.  I can't wait to put my flip flops on and don shorts and tank tops instead of hats and mitts.

Many of us decide to try new habits to help us get healthy and stay healthy through the summer. If you're a parent, you likely try to think of new ways to stay productive while you're kids are running around you all day.

Although summer COULD be a time of relaxation and increased vitality, I find for many of us it's actually exhausting.  Why is that?

Vacation Planning.png

We generally try to do too much...and not enough of the things that count.

I'm as guilty of this as the next person.  I have lofty business goals, all sorts of things on a list to do with the kids, awesome nutrition ideas and lots of exercise planned.

And then August hits and I wonder why I've gained a few pounds, have a stack of "to-do's" on my desk I just can't seem to get to, haven't stroked one thing off my "awesome summer of fun" list with my kids...and I'm beginning to dream about sending them back to school.

Sound familiar?

What if you "Summerproof" your health (and your life) this summer and do things differently?

Here are my top 5 ways to enjoy your summer, stay productive, have some fun and create some great memories:

1.  Begin with the end in mind

Think about Labour Day weekend, sitting around the dock with friends and family enjoying a beer and some nachos. What would you want to be telling everyone about your summer? See it in your mind, and write a few thoughts down.

When you begin with the end in mind, it helps you shape your days and weeks.

2.  Set realistic expectations

I always - ALWAYS - have expectations for my time, energy and productivity that are way too high.  This is one time where it's really good to LOWER THE BAR.  Take more time than you think. Plan less instead of more. Leave things more open to changes in plans.

3.  Think of your ONE thing

I read the book The One Thing by Gary Kellar and Jay Papasan a few months ago and it was a game changer for me.  It really helped me focus on the power of simplifying everything. Choosing ONE and ONE ONLY priority and doing that.

This is perfect for summer. If today's ONE priority is taking the kids to Canada's Wonderland - focus on that and enjoy it. Anything else is a bonus. If today's ONE priority is getting work done, focus on that and trust that the kids will be ok without you.

Let some shit go and enjoy the freedom it gives you.

4.  Do 1 thing from each pillar of health. 

What are the pillars of health? Eat right, move more, think better thoughts and get adjusted.  Four pillars, four action steps this summer.  Don't overcomplicate it though. 

Eat right.  If you drink 5-6 glasses of alcohol a week, consider only consuming 2-3.  If you snack on nachos each night, consider only having those nighttime snacks on the weekends and when you're on vacation.

Move more.  If you don't exercise at all, start going for a walk 2-3 times a week. Or take up golf with some girls. Try paddleboarding...or rollerblading.

Think better thoughts.  Happy people are healthier, and healthy people are generally happier.  Happiness is a direct result of being grateful and content.  Spend a few minutes each morning and night listing 10 things you're grateful for. 

Compliment and thank people before you criticize them.  Encourage other people when you feel down. All these things lift your mood and elevate your physiology.

Get adjusted.  I believe if you have a spine, you should have it checked for health problems.  You get your teeth checked, your eyes checked, your blood checked, your heart and lungs checked...why wouldn't you get your spine checked when it's the structure that holds your nerve system? 

All of those other systems rely on excellent communication between your brain and your body. If there is a core problem in your spine and nerve system guess what? Nothing else works quite as well as it was designed to.

Just because no one's ever taught you to have regular nerve system check ups does NOT mean it's not a critical part of your health routine.

If you're curious what getting your nerve system checked involves, click HERE to book a free consultation and let's talk about it.

5.  Think in terms of MOMENTS not MINUTES

Minutes pass no matter what. Moments are what really count.  Can you remember what you were doing a year ago today? Not likely.

But can you remember a great moment or memory you made with your kids or spouse last summer? Hopefully!!

Time will always tick away and try to be filled with meaningless distractions.  But moments are opportunities not to be passed up.

This summer, think about the many moments you have available with your loved ones.  Trust that the "to do" list will always be there...but your kids are only kids for a short time.

Now put away your device and go have the SUMMER OF YOUR LIFE!