Weight Loss: One of the Best Ways to Reduce Pain of Any Kind

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People often ask me how weight loss factors into a functional health clinic for women.  For years, it was something we simply didn't address; it's a potentially awkward conversation to have with a patient, as you can imagine.

But last year, one simple reality hit me square between the eyes.  It was this:

The most common reason people seek my care is that they are in pain.  One of the easiest ways to reduce pain is to drop excess weight.

Think about it.  If you are carrying an extra 20 pounds, that's a lot of the extra stress on your knees, your hips and the discs in your spine! It only makes sense that the extra wear and tear caused by excess weight will create more pain.

And the reality is that when someone makes an intentional effort to lose weight and changes nothing else in their life, they often report a drastic difference in their pain.

I realized it's in the best interest of my patients to a) ask people if they're happy with their weight, and b) offer the best, most effective way I know to help if they're not.

In our office, we have partnered with Isagenix to create customized weight loss solutions based on YOUR unique needs and lifestyle. And the results we've seen since introducing Isagenix into the office last fall have been so encouraging.

Isagenix products are delicious and super healthy. But where they've got weight loss nailed down is in the simplicity of their program.  It's easy to complete! And when people just follow the plan and complete it, they get results every time (disclaimer here - results vary and depend on the individual effort put into it).

If you're looking for a quick "dip your toe in" experience, try our Bedtime Belly Buster Challenge, which is starting soon.  This simple 14-day protocol is designed to help you lose weight while you sleep!

For more information on the Bedtime Belly Buster, check out this article:  Understanding How the Bedtime Belly Buster Works.

If you'd like to find out more about how to lose (or gain!) weight in a healthy, straightforward program, book your complimentary consultation today.


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HI! I'm Dr. Shawna Dingman and I am the co-owner of Elevate Health Centres with my husband, Dr. Craig Dingman.  I operate Elevate Women's Health Centre in Sunderland, where our family lives.

Speaking of family, I'm a mom of 3 amazing kids: Jackson, Jenna and Cole.  I've always been passionate about the care of women and children, probably because I began my career as a pediatric and pregnancy chiropractor as a young mom with an infant!  Aside from clinical practice, I also co-host a podcast for women chiropractors and coach women chiropractors who want to have practices that are a great fit for their families.  In my "spare" time, I love to cottage with my family, hang out with the kids, read a book, catch a great show on Netflix, go for a run or have coffee with friends.