Eat By Design Workshop - Tuesday, July 16, 2019 (7-8:30pm)

Location: Scugog Memorial Public Library

Proper nutrition can seem very confusing. Every diet seems to work, and yet they are all different. Carbs or no carbs? Is fat good or is fat bad? How can I feed my family nutritious meals but not have to spend all day in the kitchen? It’s dizzying!

In our Eat By Design workshop, we breakdown healthy eating into a few simple concepts. When you understand the principles of how your body uses food, you can apply the guidelines for healthy eating anywhere – at home OR eating out.

The Eat By Design workshop is created to make healthy eating not only possible but simple and understandable for you AND your family. See you soon!

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Move By Design Workshop - Wednesday, September 18, 2019 (6:30-8pm)

Location: Elevate Women’s Health Centre (180 Mary St., Port Perry)

The Move by Design Workshop addresses the FOUR basic movement requirements for each and every person. This interactive workshop focuses on the SPINE with an emphasis on increasing MOBILITY.           

The Move by Design workshop is for all new Elevate Women's Health Centre members starting Corrective Care. It is also for any existing members of Elevate Women's Health who want a “refresher course” or simply to have better movement.

Community members who are not patients of Elevate Women's Health who are wishing to learn better strategies for mobility and longevity are welcome to attend.

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