It takes a woman to truly understand a woman!  We are Port Perry's only chiropractic and functional health care centre focused on women, children and babies.


You're a busy woman with lots happening in your life.  You don't have time to function at anything less than 100%.  But that's not the case for you anymore.

Something's holding you back.

Or maybe it's your child's health.  You want to make sure you're raising the healthiest kids on the planet!  And you need some support from someone you trust...someone who knows just how difficult it is to raise healthy, well-adjusted kids in this day and age.

You understand that health isn't just not having pain.  It's feeling fully alive in all areas of your life.  And although medicine can often help, it's not the be all and end all.  You want a collaborative approach to creating health for you and your kids.

Hi! I’m Dr. Shawna Dingman…


I've been a chiropractor and functional health care practitioner since 2000.  Functional health means helping you feel your best in all the activities of your daily life - physically and emotionally.  I am trained in chiropractic, but I also have specific training in pre- and post-natal care for moms and babies as well as functional nutrition and genetic testing.  So Elevate Women's Health Centre is truly a full-focus health care facility!

My mission at Elevate Women's Health Centre is to help women and children in our region lead happy, healthy lives. 

Perhaps you've heard about our office for its gentle, low force, effective chiropractic care, specifically tailored to the female and pediatric spine.  Or maybe someone has told you they've had incredible results with our genetic testing for depression, anxiety, ADHD and sensory processing disorders. 

However you've found us, our goal is to help you live a long life with the greatest quality in those years... for you and your kids!

So go ahead and explore our site.  And when you're ready, go ahead and book your complimentary consultation so we can get you started on the journey to better health together!


To book your complimentary consultation, click the yellow button then choose either Initial Visit for Adults or Initial Visit for Kids/Teens.


Our Services



Gentle, safe, low force chiropractic care uniquely designed for women, pregnant moms, children and babies.  Individualized care and family plans are a hallmark of Elevate Women's Health Centre.

Genetic Testing

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We are finding out so many answers to increase the quality of life of adults kids with ADHD, sensory processing disorders, depression and anxiety by unlocking their genetics.

Here’s What People Have to Say…

"Dr. Shawna is an incredibly knowledgable and caring chiropractor.  She has been a steadfast resource and source of information and guidance for me and my family through a variety of health challenges."