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The Proper Way to Engage your Pelvic Floor

If you’ve had kids, your pelvic floor is likely weak and creating instability in your back. It is often the root cause of the nagging low back pain most of the moms in my practice complain of. I’ve been there – I know what it feels like. For years I had a low grade, nagging pain in my low back that…

New Findings in Kids with ADD/ADHD

For years, helping kids with ADD/ADHD has been a bit hit-and-miss as far as medications and lifestyle is concerned. With new advances in technology and testing, we can fine tune YOUR child’s needs better than we have ever been able to before. As a chiropractor, I’ve always believed in customized health care.

Stretching Your Psoas Muscle

The psoas (pronounced “so-az”) muscle is a key player in back pain. It’s a tube-shaped muscle that starts at the spine, travels forward through the abdomen and attaches to the top of the leg at the front. It’s a hip flexor. That means it helps to bend your leg. And if you sit a lot, this muscle gets ANGRY. Stretching it regularly really helps.

Simple Pool Noodle Exercise

Do you have neck pain? Upper back pain? In between the shoulder blades pain? Try this super simple exercise with a pool noodle. Cut a piece about a foot long off a thick pool noodle (the one I use in the video is great for kids but too thin for adults). Lay the pool noodle on the floor (not your bed!)…

Easy Shish Kebab Hack!!

I came home from work the other night to this feast! #kidscancook It’s easy, yummy and SOOOO fun! We just used ground meat and seasoned it with our favourite spices. Kabob’d it up, cooked it for about 25 min and paired it with some sautéed asparagus.

Increasing your Physical and Emotional Health

Here’s my #1 tip for increasing your physical and emotional health…Are you ready? Resist the need to “perform” for others. Our culture is so open that everyone sees what everyone else is doing. And judges it. We can’t fail anymore because everyone will see it. We can’t learn life’s lessons the hard way without fearing that people…

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