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Pediatric Chiropractic Care at
Elevate Women’s Health Centre

Dr. Dingman is an expert in chiropractic care for children. She earned her Fellowship Certification in Pediatric and Pregnancy Care before graduating from Chiropractic College. From her very first days in professional practice, she has worked with mothers, midwives and medical doctors adjusting babies and children. Her own babies received chiropractic care as newborns!

Over two decades in practice, she has seen hundreds of babies and children. She has seen firsthand the advantages of being proactive with your kids when it comes to the health of their spine and nervous system. As Dr. Dingman always says, “it’s better to raise a healthy child than fix a hurting adult”.

From Birth and Beyond

The process of being pregnant and birthing isn’t a gentle one, as most moms can attest. It’s the same for baby, with their small, delicate bones and muscles. The sooner any shifts in the spine from birth are corrected, the healthier your child can be.

As children get older, the trend has been for them to spend more and more time on devices and less time playing actively. This is having devastating effects on their spinal health. Brain science research shows that children who have musculoskeletal pain left uncorrected are more likely to have chronic pain as adults. Chiropractic can have an extremely positive impact on your child’s nervous system and brain function.


How soon after birth can a baby be adjusted?

Many moms have their babies checked as soon as they are born. If there any complications in pregnancy or during the birth process, a chiropractic check up can ensure your baby’s spine is balanced and functioning optimally. In fact, many moms have their newborns checked even if they’ve had a great birth!

The sooner we make sure your baby’s spine is aligned, the better their chance at having a happy, healthy childhood.

What if my child is nervous about being adjusted?

Dr. Dingman has been working with kids and babies for over 20 years, and she is a mom of 3 kids herself. She believes in including kids in their health process, no matter what age they are. Taking it slowly is important, and showing kids what to expect helps take away any fear that might be there.

“I’ve heard lots of moms tell me their kids are afraid of doctors, especially if they’ve had a lot of medical procedures and appointments. Then they watch their kids hop up on the table and get adjusted like they’ve done it all their lives. I think kids innately know this is going to be a great thing for them, and they respond so well to the adjustments.”

Will the adjustment hurt my child?

Dr. Dingman will always take the time to determine the best, most gentle approach for your child. We have a variety of techniques that will make the adjustments just right for your child.

Do you need a pediatrician’s referral?

Since chiropractors are primary care physicians, no referral is necessary. Check with your insurance though to be sure they do not require a referral in order for you to be reimbursed.

Will you give a child exercises to do?

It depends on the age and stage your child is at as well as their presenting problem. Any exercises given will be discussed fully with parents in order to assess whether or not they will benefit your child. If your child is a teenager, they will most likely receive spine specific exercises. The teens at our office are diligent with their care and exercises because they’ve chosen it. It’s important that it’s their decision and not something they feel forced into doing.

Do you adjust a child on the first visit?

That depends on the presenting complaint and the results of the examination. Any treatment on the first day will be thoroughly discussed with the parent before treatment is given.

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