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Can You Fix Me?

Cervical RadiographCan we fix your problem?

Great question and the honest answer is, I hope so, but I don’t know.

What we CAN do is work to correct the structural and neurological (Neurostructural) dysfunctions with the spine and, in turn, improve your body’s ability to function properly.

Remember, your body has a HUGE capacity for healing if given the chance.

For some people, the Chiropractic Correction gives them enough to help their body heal and repair. Like the colicy baby who becomes calm and happy, or the migraine sufferer who is free from headaches.

For others, it might not be enough. Chiropractic is really helpful, but they also need attention to nutrition and movement.

For some others, no matter what they do, they will never recover because the damage is permanently done.

In this case, the goal becomes to stop things from getting worse or maximize the potential that’s already there.

The point is, you need to keep giving your body everything it needs, all the time, even if you can’t necessarily feel everything working.

That’s why testing is a fundamental part of any care recommendations aimed at improving your health.

Funny (not really) that we understand this when it comes to medications, but we don’t apply the same logic to other health endeavours.

I often hear people say they’re not taking their supplements anymore because they don’t “feel any different”. Sometimes when people have had chiropractic care, gotten rid of a problem (symptom) that was plaguing them, but then plateau in their wellness, they want to stop coming in for their appointments. They don’t “feel any different”.

I’ve never been on cholesterol medication, but I hear you don’t feel any different day to day if you take it or don’t take it. And yet, I never hear people say they’ve stopped taking their cholesterol prescription because they don’t “feel any different”.


The point is, sometimes things are working for you even though you don’t feel it. Sometimes, things that are really good for you can only be felt in tiny increments over the long haul.

So please, if you’re frustrated with your health, keep doing the right thing and give it TIME. This is why, in our office, we always retest over a period of time so we can MEASURE the improvements in your health and track your success.

Test – don’t guess! Your body will thank you.

You’re worth it!

P.S. If there is anything we can do to help you in your journey to better health, please get in touch with us. We’d love to help :)

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