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Neck, Upper Back, Shoulders and Hips Mobility Video

If you’ve been in my office lately, you’ve probably heard me touting the importance of 10 minutes of mobility work every day.  I’m firmly in my 50’s now, and the days I take care of my body with mobility work, I feel noticeably different than the days I don’t.

Knowing this, I am encouraging all my patients – from young to epic – to make this a habit.  If you’re getting on in your years, you will love how this habit will make you feel. If you’re young and your body is full of flexibility and boundless energy, this is a super time to create a habit you will need later in your life.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if every child grew up “doing the hustle” every morning?  (If you didn’t go to school in the 70’s, that reference will mean nothing to you).

Here is a new mobility video that has about 12 minutes of mobility featuring the neck, shoulders, upper back and hips.  While you’re in YouTube, please take a look through my catalogue of videos for more stretch and strengthening options.


P.S. If anything hurts while you’re doing this video, stop and check it out with your chiropractor.  If doing this mobility work makes you think maybe it’s time to see a chiropractor, I’d love to help. Send me a message or visit the online scheduling system to book an examination. See you soon!

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